Mabswitch was awarded the Bristol Myers Squibb Golden Ticket. The award provides one year of fully paid individual laboratory bench space and membership at BioLabs@NYULangone, a fully equipped, laboratory-based incubator in Manhattan with facilities, support and equipment designed to accelerate early-stage startups in the life sciences and biopharma spaces.

Mabswitch is deeply honored and excited to be awarded a Bristol Myers Squibb Golden Ticket. This award of free lab space at the prestigious Biolabs@NYULangone by one of the global leaders in cancer immunotherapy further reinforces our efforts and commitment to develop the next generation of antibody-based immunotherapies that will be regulatable and precisely tunable to each individual patients needs, thus maximizing the therapeutic benefits, whilst minimizing adverse side-effects. Together we will go one step closer to curing cancers, autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions that currently have few or, no other suitable therapeutic options.

Dr Yemi Onakunle, CEO Mabswitch

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