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MabSwitch UNASMA™ technology is applicable to a wide variety of antibody applications. Ask us for custom solutions to your problem.

Download poster presented at Festival of Biologics, San Diego, April 2024


We liberate therapeutic antibodies from the usual constraints of a fixed functional profile.

Switches can improve safety of bi- or multispecific antibodies with longer plasma half life.

Matching CAR-T cell activity in-vivo with tumor loads or controlling inflammatory side effects is only the start.

Adding an affinity switch to silence or boost long half-life drug function in real time in the patient allows re-thinking of many therapeutic concepts.

Manufacturing of biologicals

Enabling the unmatched specificity of an antibody with mild and/or even physiological elution conditions will allow more efficient affinity chromatography solutions for downstream processing.

Sensitive biologicals like gene therapy vectors, oncolytic viruses or vesicular formulations can now be affinity purified without harming the delicate structure of the product.