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MabSwitch Inc. is a biotechnology company founded to develop and commercialize novel innovative products based on the groundbreaking invention of affinity switches for antibodies.

Antibodies are the predominant class of molecules being developed by the biopharmaceutical industry today having found widespread application as diagnostics and immunotherapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including cancer, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and infectious diseases such as SARS-Cov2 the causative agent of Covid19. Their extraordinary target specificity and selectivity have also been harnessed for application as immuno-affinity reagents for the purification and enrichment of high value macromolecules such as proteins, vaccines, viruses, and cell therapies.

Yet, owing to their high affinities, antibodies often bind irreversibly to their target which can present significant problems in many settings.

For example in a therapeutic setting it would be desirable to regulate the binding affinity of an antibody for its target to prevent or ameliorate adverse events if or when they occur, whilst in a diagnostic setting it would be desirable to regenerate the high value antibody for its repeated use over multiple cycles.  Within a bioprocessing setting it would be desirable to achieve elution of target macromolecules under mild or physiological conditions in order to preserve the integrity and function of the molecule and the immunoaffinity reagents.

To address these challenges MabSwitch™ is developing ON/OFF control switches for antibodies using its proprietary Universal Allosteric linker and Switch Module for Antibodies (UNASMA™) technology that will facilitate the regulation of virtually any antibody’s affinity for its target under physiological conditions  

The outlook for antibody-based products has never looked more exciting!

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