UNASMA™ – Universal Allosteric-linker and Switch Module for Antibodies

Check this video on what we do.

We understand antibodies. We understand molecular evolution.

We will engineer a perfect structural solution for any antibody product by combining state of the art in-silico solutions with powerful in-vitro evolution engines. Using our large allosteric switch module library in rapid prototyping processes, the optimal antibody/linker combination can be identified for your antibody.

Allosteric : change in the shape and affinity of an antibody that results from combination with another substance at a point other than the antigen binding site

Switch : to change antibody binding affinity to or from an active state  i.e on or off

How it works.

Antbody binding sites consist of two protein domains. MabSwitch™ inserts an allosteric modulator domain between the two protein domains which affects the molecular geometry of the antigen binding site of the antibody. The allosteric modulator – the “switch” – can be modulated itself by a variety of small molecular entities, which can be added or removed. Their presence changes the structure of the antigen binding site of the antibody by allosteric modulation. The switch module is added without any need to change the antibody domains themselves, allowing it to be added to billions of different antibody sequences by “plug and play”.

A molecular model illustrating the switch principle. Antigen in yellow. Allosteric switch trigger: green.

Our allosteric switch modules and switch triggers are available in versions compatible with in vivo applications. The switch can be initiated at physiological conditions without changing ion concentrations, pH or other biochemical parameters except for the addition of a small molecule to trigger the allosteric effect.

All our allosteric switch modules are human proteins. Combined with human antibody variable regions, a very low immunogenicity is expected.

Download poster presented at Festival of Biologics, San Diego, April 2024